What is the deal with deal glue and why do I need it? Jason Alan Los Angeles Business Broker

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by Jason Alan, Los Angeles Business Broker

After continuously witnessing the intangible aspects of each and every business transaction I have experienced, I had to come up with a word that contained them all.  Trust, confidence, good faith, and deal strength are the traits that hold each deal together.  Industry experts agree that most deals have a tendency to fall apart 3 times before close, thus deal glue was born.

The Bonding Agent

A business broker handles many aspects of the transaction.  The broker confidentially manages the confidential marketing process behind selling a business.  You can think of the broker as a catalyst, something that ignites a reaction between two elements.  The broker brings buyer and seller together to form a bond, while at the same time acting as a mediator between them.  Finally, the broker handles all of the paperwork so everything gets done right.

A seasoned Business Broker usually posses a certain set of skills to effectively mediate any and all issues between buyer and seller and also uses their deep understanding of each party’s wants and needs to help get everyone to the closing table in a cool, calm, and collected manner.   A business broker will help each party familiarize themselves with each other by prescreening buyers and seller’s background information presenting it to each side privately, and assist in the validation/discovery process known as due diligence.  Ultimately all of these skills that a competent business broker possesses are known as DEAL GLUE, forming a strong bond. The broker will help insure that the transaction doesn’t become unglued and gets to a successful closing that is a win win for all parties involved.

The job of a business broker is a complicated one and the above is a summary or basic overview of what the broker’s job entails. There are many intangible assets that a business broker brings to the table, and deal glue is one of them.

Do You Need A Good Bonding Agent? 

Jason Alan has the knowledge of business brokerage.  He has extensive experience in dealing with people from working with buyers and sellers in many industries, and most importantly respects the confidential nature of business transactions.  If you need someone to assist you step by step in buying a small business or selling a small business do the following right now!

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