ECommerce Business – Telecommunications Equipment Sales & Repair Business 20+ years in Business

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ecommerce-volusionECommerce Business  Telecommunications Equipment Sales & Repair eCommerce business located in Southern California. The business has 2 main sites that are included in the sale, an online marketplace for buying and selling equipment and telecom services worldwide and a telecommunications industry forum with 20+ years of history.

Price includes $52,000+/ inventory.

The business has been known one of the largest resellers of refurbished telecommunications Equipment in the nation.

42000+/ confirmed email list and 47000+/ members. Main site receives 14,000+/ unique visits per month and the online marketplace receives  22,700+/ unique visits per month. Not only do both sites make money, but they enhance organic SEO results.  The seller has only done organic optimization and does not, nor hasn’t purchased online advertising. The seller does SELL advertising to some of the telecommunications companies.

The sales site is staffed with 4 employees that manage the warehouse and repair service.

The forum site has 40+/ admins that run the site 24/7.

The seller states he has good books and records to track all net earnings and gross sales that come through its various payment gateways such as PayPal and All revenue sources are transferable to a new owner!

After over 20 years in the business, the seller has other business interests and seeks an all cash transaction and will provide 1-3 months of training to ensure that a buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations.

Plenty of ways to expand the business, which seller will share.

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Help us grow, please share this link so others can discover.