Why Deals Don’t Close When Buying Or Selling A Business

Sellers ·Don’t have a valid reason for selling. · Are testing the waters to check the market and the price. (They are similar to the buyer who is “just shopping.”) · Are completely unrealistic about the price and the market for their business. · Are not honest about their business or their situation. The reason they want to sell is that the business is not viable, it has environmental problems or some other serious issues that the seller has not revealed, or new competition is entering the market. · Don’t disclose that there is more than one owner and they are not all in agreement. · Have not checked with their outside advisors about possible financial, tax or legal implications of selling their business. · Are unprepared to accept seller financing or now unwilling to accept it.   Buyers · Don’t have a valid reason to buy a business, or the reason is not strong enough to overcome the fear. · Have unrealistic expectations regarding price, the … [Read more...]

Testimonial – Jason Alan Los Angeles Business Broker

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Tesimonial 3 – Jason Alan, Los Angeles Business Broker

To whom it may concern, Until just recently, I had been running a small company which I had co-founded 4 years ago. We specialized in manufacturing products for a very unique consumer market sector within the action sports industry. Jason followed us on Twitter and I happened to notice he was a business broker. After a few short talks, things evolved and he took our listing. We were really at the point of either taking on outside funding to continue growing, or dissolving my interests from my partners so I could move on to other ventures. I chose to peruse a private sale & the timing couldn’t have been any better. Jason has proved to be instrumental in fielding, qualifying and moving through cavitate of paces during the private sale of our company. For those of you who have been through something of this nature you are typically personally attached to your company, and things can become difficult at times. During the entire process Jason remained patient, and incredibly … [Read more...]