Retail Store In Los Angeles Sold To A Confidential Buyer

Retail Store In Los Angeles Sold To A Confidential Buyer in 3 months. The store is very elegantly decorated and the smooth plaster walls create an amazing finishing touch. Sells gourmet artisan chocolates, serves chocolate dipped strawberries,medallions,and serves a unique sipping chocolate for those who enjoy drinking rich dark chocolate. Authentic French macaroons are also sold and have proven to be a very popular item. What is the deal with deal glue and why do I need it? Jason Alan Los Angeles Business Broker by Jason Alan, Los Angeles Business Broker After continuously witnessing the intangible aspects of each and every business transaction I have experienced, I had to come up with a word that contained them all.  Trust, confidence, good faith, and deal strength are the traits that hold each deal together.  Industry experts agree that most deals have a tendency to fall apart 3 times before close, thus deal glue was born. The Bonding Agent A business broker handles … [Read more...]