Trendy Hair Salon – Like New In Encino, CA Asking Price $50,000

Trendy Hair Salon - Like New In Encino, CA Asking Price $50,000 Like new hair salon, $130,000+/ in improvements, 6 stations, 5 are full, 1 receptionist, 1 manager. 1300 Sq Ft, $3000 per month. PLEASE READ - All buyers must complete and return NDA, Buyer Profile. and financial statement. … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know About Fiscal Cliff and Its Probable Consequences

By Guest Blogger Tim Robinson. Fiscal cliff is a financial situation that is due to be implemented from the first day of the next year. The fiscal cliff would be characterized by tax hikes and spending acts primarily. Though the Americans are hoping with all their hearts that, the Congress and the president himself would come in terms to avert this situation, there are little chances that such a thing would happen. It is undoubted that the fiscal deficit is going to bring the ultimate kind of financial disaster and the American economy shall fall “off the cliff”. As a result of the implementation, the tax increase would reach a height, which has remained hitherto unforeseen. There will be an obvious and perfect strangling of both personal as well as national economy. A number of researches have been conducted in order to figure out, the effects of the fiscal cliff. A recent report from the CBO or the Congressional Budget Office says that the fiscal cliff will lead the United … [Read more...]

Why Sell Your Business?

Why Sell? There are a number of different explanations why selling a business can possibly be an emotional event. The business may have been in the owner's family for generations. The owner may have built it from scratch or purchased it and then poured the necessary energy into it to grow it into a successful, profitable business. For these and many other reasons, "seller's remorse" is actually one of the major causes of a deal falling through. However, despite the emotional ties to a business, there are times when selling is the best course to take. Here are just a few examples of those times. Burnout According to industry experts, burnout is a major reason owners consider selling their businesses. In time, the long hours and 7-day workweeks can take their toll. On the opposite end, business owners who thrive on challenge may get to the point that the business has just become boring - the challenge of creating it or growing it has been replaced with the mundane daily … [Read more...]

San Fernando Valley Small Business Broker – Standards and Practices In a Business Transaction – Be that guy not THAT GUY!!!

By Jason Alan San Fernando Valley Small Business Broker   June 9, 2012 Los Angeles, California Standards and Practices In a Business Transaction - Following these guidelines could improve your chances of completing the sale or purchase of a small business. Be that guy not THAT GUY! The following are helpful hints to help relieve the pain, panic and pressure of buying or selling a small business. Time kills all deals! Always do as you say and follow through no matter what on time, every time. If you say that you’re going to return a document by a certain time or perform any task by a certain point always follow through, showing up to appointments on-time is helpful too. The stress and anxiety caused by not following through or delivering by a promised time could cause a deal to completely collapse without warning. People like to know that you’re dependable and trustworthy, this can prove even more important if there is a element of seller financing involved in the … [Read more...]