LONG ESTABLISHED, PIZZERIA RESTAURANT FOR SALE IN MOORPARK 2013 Net Earnings $90,000+/. 1 owner in the past 17 years. Profitable Moorpark pizzeria restaurant in operation for over 17 years. Located in a nice shopping center on a busy high traffic boulevard. #41 beer and wine license, Fully equipped kitchen with hood, plenty of easy parking. bar area, arcade games, big screen TV's. Large dining room, lunch buffet. Take out, delivery, sit down. Plenty of possible growth areas. 3200+/ Sq. Ft, rent is $9k+/ with (2)5 year options remaining. Good books and records available to qualified buyers.     … [Read more...]

Burnout: An Ever-Present Threat

Burnout: An Ever-Present Threat Burnout is an often-used reason for an owner selling his or her business. Potential buyers may have trouble accepting this as a valid reason for sale. However, burnout is a valid reason for selling one’s business. A business owner can experience burnout even with a business that’s successful and growing. Many independent business owners feel they’ve worked hard, made their money, and now is a good time to cash out and move on, before burnout endangers the health of the business. The following warning signs should remind a business owner that cashing out beats burning out: You are overwhelmed on a daily basis. When a business owner is a one-man show, even small tasks and minor decisions can seem bigger than Mount Everest. These owners have been shouldering the burden alone for too long, and the isolation has taken its toll. You sense a failure of imagination. Burnt-out owners are so close to their work that they lose perspective. … [Read more...]

June 2013 Client Testimonial

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Selling Your Business? Expect the Unexpected!

Selling Your Business? Expect the Unexpected! According to the experts, a business owner should lay the groundwork for selling at about the same time as he or she first opens the door for business.  Great advice, but it rarely happens.  Most sales of businesses are event-driven; i.e., an event or circumstance such as partnership problems, divorce, health, or just plain burn-out pushes the business owner into selling.  The business owner now becomes a seller without considering the unexpected issues that almost always occur.  Here are some questions that need answering before selling: How much is your time worth? Business owners have a business to run, and they are generally the mainstay of the operation.  If they are too busy trying to meet with prospective buyers, answering their questions and getting necessary data to them, the business may play second fiddle.  Buyers can be very demanding and ignoring them may not only kill a possible sale, but will also reduce the purchase … [Read more...]

What is the deal with deal glue and why do I need it? Jason Alan Los Angeles Business Broker

by Jason Alan, Los Angeles Business Broker After continuously witnessing the intangible aspects of each and every business transaction I have experienced, I had to come up with a word that contained them all.  Trust, confidence, good faith, and deal strength are the traits that hold each deal together.  Industry experts agree that most deals have a tendency to fall apart 3 times before close, thus deal glue was born. The Bonding Agent A business broker handles many aspects of the transaction.  The broker confidentially manages the confidential marketing process behind selling a business.  You can think of the broker as a catalyst, something that ignites a reaction between two elements.  The broker brings buyer and seller together to form a bond, while at the same time acting as a mediator between them.  Finally, the broker handles all of the paperwork so everything gets done right. A seasoned Business Broker usually posses a certain set of skills to effectively mediate any … [Read more...]

The Entrepreneurial Generation

Personally I believe the school of hard knocks is the best way to go, but here is a alternative view on college and small business. Check out what the Princeton Review had to say about The Entrepreneurial Generation. … [Read more...]

Creative Financing Tips for Small Businesses

Creative Financing Tips for Small Businesses I found this article very helpful courtsey of MintLife Blog Read more … [Read more...]

San Fernando Valley Small Business Broker – Standards and Practices In a Business Transaction – Be that guy not THAT GUY!!!

By Jason Alan San Fernando Valley Small Business Broker   June 9, 2012 Los Angeles, California Standards and Practices In a Business Transaction - Following these guidelines could improve your chances of completing the sale or purchase of a small business. Be that guy not THAT GUY! The following are helpful hints to help relieve the pain, panic and pressure of buying or selling a small business. Time kills all deals! Always do as you say and follow through no matter what on time, every time. If you say that you’re going to return a document by a certain time or perform any task by a certain point always follow through, showing up to appointments on-time is helpful too. The stress and anxiety caused by not following through or delivering by a promised time could cause a deal to completely collapse without warning. People like to know that you’re dependable and trustworthy, this can prove even more important if there is a element of seller financing involved in the … [Read more...]

Buying (or Selling) a Business

The following is some basic information for anyone considering purchasing a business. Is may also be of interest to anyone thinking of selling their business. The more information and knowledge both sides have about buying and selling a business, the easier the process will become. A Buyer Profile Here is a look at the make-up of the average individual buyer looking to replace a lost job or wanting to get out of an uncomfortable job situation. The chances are he is a male (however, more women are going into business for themselves, so this is rapidly changing). Almost 50 percent will have less than $100,000 in which to invest in the purchase of a business. More than 70 percent will have less than $250,000 to invest. In many cases the funds, or part of them, will come from personal savings followed by financial assistance from family members. He, or she, will never have owned a business before. Despite what he thinks he wants in the way of a business, he will most likely buy a … [Read more...]

Why Do Deals Fall Apart?

In many cases, the buyer and seller reach a tentative agreement on the sale of the business, only to have it fall apart. There are reasons this happens, and, once understood, many of the worst deal-smashers can be avoided. Understanding is the key word. Both the buyer and the seller must develop an awareness of what the sale involves--and such an awareness should include facing potential problems before they swell into floodwaters and "sink" the sale. What keeps a sale from closing successfully? In a survey of business brokers across the United States, similar reasons were cited so often that a pattern of causality began to emerge. The following is a compilation of situations and factors affecting the sale of a business. The Seller Fails To Reveal Problems  When a seller is not up-front about problems of the business, this does not mean the problems will go away. They are bound to turn up later, usually sometime after a tentative agreement has been reached. The buyer then gets … [Read more...]